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Are you looking to add a concrete slab in Lawton onto your residential or commercial property? We are the expert concrete contractor Lawton OK for pouring concrete slabs with over 20 years of expertise under our belt. We make sure that the pour and finish is done right the first time – a strong foundation that lasts for years. We ensure that your new slab will stay free of cracking after a building, shed, or pergola is installed over it.

What are slab foundations and how do we make sure that the slab is properly installed right? Slabs are known as thick chunks of concrete, and they are typically around 4 to 6 inches thick. While foundations can use steel rods, or reinforced rebar, some may also use post tension cables as well. We insure that the slab is properly poured, finished and ready for use by using the materials properly throughout installation. We always make sure that the soil is graded to endure the foundation is suitable for buildings of great weight so that the foundation does not sink over time.

There are many ways to utilize a Lawton concrete slab. They can be used for:

  • Installing a new shed.
  • Installing a metal building for storage in yard.
  • A car port next to a concrete driveway.
  • Creating a new patio area for the property.
  • Adding a shaded area in the backyard.
  • Basketball court
  • and the list goes on…

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There are many benefits for installing a concrete slab foundation onto your property:

  • Concrete slabs have less risk of flooding damage when a storm or hurricane passes in from the coast.
  • With the Oklahoma heat, slab foundations require less downtime. This allows installation to be done within a day or two days!
  • After you install a building on top of the metal building foundation slab, it serves as protection from insects, termites, and other pests from being able to enter the building because there aren’t any open spaces underneath it!

You’re in the right hands for a new Lawton concrete slab installation. Our team will drive by to your property, and give you a very fair estimation on what costs and time of labor will be. Our customers are always satisfied with our completed work and they always get compliments from their peers. Upon the day of estimate we will answer all questions you may have in regards to the size needed, and the materials we will use for properly installing the slab foundation.

There are many common mistakes that people make when they go to install their concrete slab. Hiring us to do the job will make sure that these mistakes don’t turn into problems in the near future. One of the most common mistakes when DIY installers pour concrete slabs is not levelling out the ground properly. An uneven turrain causes many problems for the foundation, especially when not making sure that the soil is graded, and ready for heavy weight to be placed on top of it. Another major one is using a bit too much water when trying to eliminate air bubbles after the pour. For these reasons it’s best to hire a professional to pour the cement and finish the job properly, and we are the trusted concrete contractors in Lawton ready for the job!

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